Dog behavior training is fast and effective because we look at the whole dog. When you focus on only one piece of the puzzle you are likely missing key elements to the solution. That’s why we have solutions that work!

At Buddy’s Dog School, we balance praise and corrections with precise timing and technique. This creates a simple training system for both dogs and humans. Dog behavior training is very different from your typical dog obedience class. We skip the treats and give dogs a job that is rewarded with attention and praise. We teach them to think instead of react. Dogs thrive with structure and consistency. We will teach you how to create routine that will work with your training exercise to get you results fast.

As the owner, you will be very involved in the training process! No matter which program you choose, you will have homework to do. Be prepared to learn and make some changes, too. We will teach you how to become a leader and reinforce boundaries. You are a key factor in having lifelong results. Don’t worry though, we will provide you with all of the information and training you need during your program and future support after you have finished!

Whether you’ve had your dog for a few days or several years, contact us for all of your dog training needs. Our methods work for any age, breed, or background. Let us find the best solution for you and your dog today!